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A futurist and humanist examining the intersection between fashion, media, and technology with an eye toward ethics and sustainability.

It’s easy to get bad advice about screenwriting, and a big part of the problem is that people quoting the rules don’t understand why the rules are the rules.

Just tell the story.

A “rule” you’ll hear quite often from out of touch screenwriting teachers and find in the older books about screenwriting is “don’t direct on the page.”

What does that mean? We’re not writing a stage play, we’re not telling the actors to stand downstage left, we’re telling a story as text which will be transposed to a very different visual medium, so logically it seems like every bit of visual information you can efficiently convey should be made available to the production team, right? This should be you writing down how you “see” the movie, right? This…

Designers may be turning into day traders faster than you think.

Creating and running a fashion brand is starting to look as simple as creating and running a social media account… tap to design, tap to price, tap to finance, tap to market, tap to make, tap to retarget. A new wave of software platforms is finally connecting all the machines and systems behind the scenes, and the effect is nothing short of revolutionary.

This new generation of integrated end-to-end platforms will mean tremendous opportunities for increases in efficiency at all levels of the fashion business, likely some significant consolidation after a bit of a race, and a new breed of…

In the world of computer hackers, the leading publication of the last several years is known as PoC||GTFO, which is an abbreviation of the full title, The International Journal of Proof-of-Concept or Get The F — Out. When analyzing blockchain startups, particularly the ones proposing to raise operating capital through the sale of digital tokens, this is probably the best policy to follow.

In a recent article on titled “46% of Last Year’s ICOs Have Failed Already,” cryptocurrency analyst Kai Sedgwick writes, “a digital graveyard, complete with metaphorical tumbleweed, characterizes the crop of 2017 that decided to take the…

Charles Beckwith

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