A futurist and humanist examining the intersection between fashion, media, and technology with an eye toward ethics and sustainability.
American Fashion Podcast host Cathy Schepis speaks with Project Runway All Stars alum designer Daniel Vosovic.

The Best Fashion Business Podcasts

MouthMedia Network currently produces three premium fashion business podcasts, focused on multiple aspects of the fashion industry.

Combined, MouthMedia Network’s fashion business podcasts have published over 750 episodes to date.

Three Great Fashion Business Podcasts:

  • American Fashion Podcast focuses on the changing nature of the fashion industry from a holistic perspective, exploring every niche, and…

It’s easy to get bad advice about screenwriting. I recently started writing features and pilots again after a 15-year break, and I keep hearing bad advice all over the place. A big part of the problem is that people quoting the rules don’t understand why the rules are the rules.

A “rule” you’ll hear quoted quite often and find in the older books about screenwriting is “Don’t direct on the page.”

Charles Beckwith

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